Autauga County
Ground Water Festival

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Autauga County Ground Water Festival

Take 865 fourth grade students and their teachers, throw in over 100 community volunteers, top it off with ice cream and a magic show, and what do you get? The Alabama Cooperative Extension System/Autauga County Office took the lead in sponsoring Autauga County's third annual Water Festival in April of this year.

The purpose of this day was to introduce the students to the concepts of protecting and conserving our precious water resources. This unique educational experience with lots of hands-on activities helped to educate this next generation of citizens to be informed environmental stewards of our precious water resources, protecting and cherishing them for future generations.

Area agencies provided financial and in-kind materials in order to bring this valuable information to the students in our county. The Water Festival activities included "A Drop in the Bucket" which focused on the finiteness of water resources; "The Incredible Journey" which offered the students a glimpse of the life cycle of a water droplet; and "The Edible Aquifer" which focused on the importance of not polluting groundwater resources. The day culminated in a water magic show that reinforced the concepts the students learned during the day. Teachers were provided the materials to conduct a hands-on water related activity upon return to the classroom. The evaluations received from the event were unanimously positive with every teacher eager to return next year!

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