Baldwin County Festival & Elberta Water Carnival

Festival Information

Baldwin County Ground Water Festival

The Baldwin County Ground Water Festival is a 2 day event for 4th graders. This program is fun and educational. We focus on educating children on the effects of groundwater pollution, stormwater drainage and food webs. The program is free to all students, teachers and volunteers, and is paid for by various local entities..

The Baldwin County Commission, Weeks Bay Reserve, and other environmental non-profits assist in the implementation of the program. To volunteer, please call the ACF office at 555-555-1212 or go to

Elberta Water Carnival

The Perdido Bay Water, Sewer & FPA hosts an annual Water Carnival for the 3rd Graders of the Elberta Elementary School. This event includes several "hands-on" activities for the students including; Edible Aquifer, Groundwater Model, Enviroscape, Water Cycle and several more. Mark Bohlin, Genral Manager of the Perdido Bay Water, Sewer &FPD & his staff organize the Water Carnival.

Please Check this Website often for more information. Thanks!